Local Governing Board

There is a Local Governing Board for each school within the Trust. The Local Governing Board is a Committee of the Board of Trustees (the Trust) and will decide on the governance functions and delegate decision making powers in accordance with the Trust Scheme of Delegation. It is the Board of Trustees, however, that in all cases remains accountable in law.

The Local Governing Boards are a full and formal part of the Trust governance structure and will play a key role in supporting the effective operations of the Trust and its policies, help ensure the Trust works as one entity in the interests of all its schools. Each Local Governing Board (LGB) reports to the Trust Board.

Responsibilities include:

  • Building an understanding of how the school is led and managed
  • Bring issues and risks to the attention of the Trust Board
  • Provide support and challenge of the school’s head teacher:
    1. Working within agreed policies
    2. Meeting statutory requirements
    3. Is meeting the agreed targets and driving school improvement
    4. Engaging with stakeholders
  • Carry out school visits and/or learning walks as part of getting to know your school
  • Provide a vehicle for Trust Board engagement with the school, its parents and local community to help ensure our Trust of Schools stays connected
  • For those schools with a religious character, the LGB will also have strategic oversight of how the school preserves and develops the religious character of that school

Being a governor requires a commitment to the school and to the vision and ethos of the Trust. For more information about becoming a governor for the Ted Wragg Multi-Academy Trust, please contact us.