The Ted Wragg Trust follows the robust guidance set by the Government’s Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) when setting or reviewing executive salaries, so they are set at fair, reasonable and justified levels.

The Board of Trustees take accountability for this and through consistent scrutiny, challenge the Trust on salary levels. We are confident that as a Trust we are following the guidance to ensure that salary levels are justifiable and provide the best value for money for our ambitious and growing Trust of schools.

Andy Mulcock, Chair of Trustees comments: “as a Trust we put children at the centre of all we do, ensuring public funding is invested wisely to enable us to deliver a high quality, knowledge rich and inspiring curriculum. We are committed to furthering social justice and providing fairer and more inclusive opportunities. We are determined for everyone to fulfil their greatest potential, to be the best that they can be, and are committed to helping transform lives through learning.”

The Academy Trust Handbook 2021 requires that the Trust publish on its website, in a separate readily accessible form, the number of employees whose pay benefits exceed £100,000 in £10,000 bandings.

Benefits for this purpose include salary, employers’ pension contributions, other taxable benefits and termination payments.

As at 31 August 2021 the Trust comprised of 12 Academies.

Banding Number of employees as at 31/8/2021

(Salary only)

Number of employees as at 31/8/2021

(Including Pension contributions at 23.68%, other taxable benefits and termination payments)


In the band £100,001 – £110,000 5
In the band £110,001 – £120,000 1
In the band £120,000 – £130,000 1 2
In the band £130,000 – £140,000 1
In the band £140,000 – £150,000
In the band £150,000 – £160,000 1