Grenville House Day 2!

Sunshine again, another scorcher!

We had another amazing day of activities. Canoeing, kayaking and climbing the high ropes, with hand-made sandwich lunch to break up the day. There was much excitement every time somebody chose the salad! We met some super nice instructors who helped us have a great time in the water and up in the air!

Some groups wandered into Brixham town today to peruse the wide array of sweet and ice-cream shops! We came back to Grenville House with plenty of souvenirs, sweets, toys and even a pink rubber chicken!

This evening we walked along to the Berry Head Hotel to have a swim in a luxury pool (with a jacuzzi!) and to watch the sun set over Brixham Harbour.

It was a beautiful end to the last full day (for the first group of the week). One more activity tomorrow morning and we’ll be heading home!

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