Caterpillar update

  • Our caterpillars have grown and changed very quickly- in about a week they were fully grown!
  • Now each class has a pot of caterpillar chrysalis’ and it’s just a waiting game to see who will have the first butterflies
  • The children are just so excited by the whole process; I’m sure they will let you know when it happens!


This week we have been talking about how we use our imagination; how we all think creatively about different scenarios. The children have enjoyed a variety of stories where the characters’ either draw pictures or retell stories. Perhaps your child could retell some to you?

Alongside this, we have created our own books and ‘doodle’ pictures using a variety of mark making materials. They have really enjoyed drawing and chatting to their friends about their art pieces.

We have had a little success with practising our Sports Day races – fingers crossed for lovely weather next week. If you have not received your information e-mail regarding sports day, then please speak to your class teacher.

To give us energy to take part in the races, the children have made (and eaten) ‘energy bites’. They were very popular!

We have been exploring how to make our vocabulary grow and have learnt three new words for ‘imagine’. These are: visualise, envisage and picture.

Our signs this week have been; to think, to model and to draw.

Notes: – if you have any spare trousers or shorts at home, we would really appreciate some in school to stock up our spare clothes boxes.

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