A little praise goes along way!

Wellbeing and looking after staff’s mental health is a top priority among our schools.

It’s really important that we look after our staff, that they feel happy, motivated, valued and that they feel like they are making a real difference. Feeling good about what you do and wanting to do a good job all translates to the learner experience and means that children’s time at school will be positive.  This all helps to raise the aspirations of young people and enable them to become fulfilled, confident and motivated citizens and give them the best education possible. If staff feel happy, encouraged and fulfilled they will also want to stay with the Trust which we think is a really good thing.

From monthly wellbeing initiatives to training and development there are many things that can contribute to the wellness of our staff, and now to complement initiatives there is a unique social thanking platform called TAP (Thank And Praise).

A number of our schools have signed up to the TAP App, which provides a simple and non-pressured way for parents and carers to share their praise and positive feedback. This has huge positive wellbeing and motivational effects on those staff members receiving the praise which is brilliant.

Let’s see what our schools say about it:

Charlotte Webster, Parent Engagement Lead at St James School says,

“Well-being is a top priority at St James. We have a fantastic and incredibly hard-working staff body who are dedicated to the children in our community. TAP is a brilliant platform which will provide a simple way for parents and carers to share their praise, positive feedback and thanks with our team.

Visit St James School thinking wall – www.thankandpraise.com/thankingwall/st-james-exeter

Katie Plant, Director of School Services at All Saints Church of England Academy comments,

 “The wellbeing and positive mental health of our school community at All Saints Church of England Academy is a top priority. TAP is a great way to support this by giving parents and guardians the opportunity to share thanks and positive feedback with our hard-working staff team.”

All Saints Church of England Academy thinking wall – www.thankandpraise.com/thankingwall/all-saints-church-of-england-academy

Layla Crabtree, Director of Fun/Staff Wellbeing Lead at Cranbrook Education Campus adds, 

“Prioritising the mental health and wellbeing of our Cranbrook Campus community is incredibly important, by doing so we ensure that our fantastic school continues to grow, flourish and thrive. TAP will enable us to celebrate and champion our incredibly hard-working teachers and staff offering parents and guardians the opportunity to offer praise and positive feedback to our hard-working team of dedicated professionals.”

Cranbrook Education Campus thinking wall – www.thankandpraise.com/thankingwall/cranbrook-education-campus

Often people want to say thank you but don’t know how, this app allows parents and carers to provide their thanks in a simple yet effective way. After a hard and often long day at work, if a staff member receives a message from someone thanking them, this can make a huge difference to their wellbeing. It’s great for the person receiving the message but also benefits the person giving the act of gratitude and kindness, a double effect of feel good emotions, we’ll say yes to that.

For more information on the initiative TAP that ensures unsung heroes working in healthcare and education are thanked visit www.thankandpraise.com