Outstanding performance from students as they complete 60th staging of Ten Tors

Across our ambitious Trust of School 100’s of students took part in the 60th staging of the Ten Tors, one of England’s biggest outdoor adventure events.

This has been the first time Ten Tors has been held since 2019 due to Covid-19.

Isca Academy entered six teams for Ten Tors, they also had two participants complete the Jubilee Challenge, a total of 38 students.

One of Isca’s students Chloe, who is deaf and blind, completed the 7.8 mile Jubilee Challenge route, promising on TV that she’d come back to do it again, despite previous certainty that there was no way she was ever setting foot on Dartmoor again. She was the first solo walker to finish.

Another Isca student Laurence, completed the more remote 15 mile Jubilee Challenge route, navigating all of it himself. He was the only solo walker on his route.

Ali Moxey – Assistant Head at Isca comments: “All six of our Ten Tors teams completed as teams of six in good time. We had four 35 mile teams and two 45 mile teams. Training this season has been very difficult, disrupted by both the weather and by COVID. Teams have come through it demonstrating enormous resilience. Our worries about our 45 milers turned out to be completely unfounded as they over-performed when it mattered.

St James School, Exeter entered three teams into the 35 mile challenge, training had been hard, through the winter with rain, wind and freezing temperatures which really tested the stamina and resilience of the students but they got through it and were rewarded with nice weather for the event. Julia Thornton from St James comments: “The three team leaders – David, Millie and Robbie did a fantastic job and it was a pleasure to see them all over the finish line cheered on by proud parents. In the process they learnt navigation, camp craft and team work and all students achieved their Silver National Navigation Award. Skills for life.”

It is so good to have this event back on the calendar, knowing what teams have had to go through to get there and knowing how many of them will come back to do it all again.”

For staff across the Trust, watching teams finish the Ten Tors and challenges within is one the highlights of the year.

To see footage of students at the start and during the 60th staging of Ten Tors along with Chloe, from Isca Academy sharing her feelings on the Jubilee Challenge, click here.