Pupils attended Royal visit at Exeter Cathedral

Two pupils from Whipton Barton Federation, who have taken part in a unique literary project, met The Duchess of Cornwall during the annual visit by The Prince of Wales and Her Royal Highness to the south west this week.


Eight-year-old Archie Hamill and Holly Holland, 10, attended the Royal visit at the Cathedral on Monday, along with headteacher Gary Read and deputy headteacher, Amy Hardinge to talk about the bibliotherapy programme they have been participating in through Exeter City of Literature.


They told The Duchess about the scheme, which involves families taking part in free bibliotherapy sessions. Bibliotherapy is a therapeutic approach which uses literature to help people better understand and cope with the world around them. Research has found that reading increases personal confidence, reduces social isolation, improves concentration, and increases self-awareness.

After the session, each family receives a ‘book prescription’ tailored to their individual reading levels, interests, and well-being needs. Additionally, Exeter City of Literature provides three of the books from each family’s list. The pupils were able to tell The Duchess about taking part in the programme.


Gary Read, headteacher at Whipton Barton said they were really pleased to be invited to the event, which was also attended by the author Michael Morpurgo.


He added: “It was a pleasure to meet the Duchess and, as a bonus, Michael Morpurgo. Both were genuinely interested in the Bibliotherapy project and hearing how it had rekindled a love of reading in for the parents and children involved.”