Primary to Secondary Transitions

Year 6 Transition

Our ambitious Trust of Schools are working closely together to ensure the move between primary and secondary school is a supported, personalised and smooth one, which recognises the needs of each individual child. In addition, we are working in partnership with Sparx Maths and other stakeholders to provide every child with exciting opportunities before they start secondary school.

To understand more about our inclusive Trust, view our welcome video here.

Our Pledge

We have made a pledge to all the children that will be joining us:

  • We will do everything we can to ensure that every TWMAT child has the best possible transition between Primary and Secondary schools. We will stay in contact with all Primary schools and provide contact details so communication can be effective.
  • We will provide every child with exciting opportunities including:
    • Every child will receive a Copy of ‘Wonder’ to read by the time they start secondary school. An audio file is also available to support them with this.
    • A chance to complete a writing task. Writing to their new tutor introducing themselves, what their hobbies are, what they are looking forward to about starting at their secondary school and what they are worried about.
    • An introductory Maths course via our exciting and highly successful SPARX programme. ‘SPARX Maths’ (SMVC/ Sparx Maths virtual classroom). This programme is used to deliver Maths in all Trust Secondary schools.
    • A Knowledge Organiser ‘Getting to know your school’ and instructions on how to use cover, write check to check what your child has learnt about their Secondary school.

Making Transition Meaningful

To maximise the support for the Year 6 students during this period of transition effectively, the following areas of consistency are being developed:

  • Transition meetings with Headteachers and Year 6 teachers
  • Transition meetings with Year 6 students and Year 6 teachers, parents & carers
  • Enhanced transition – to support our most vulnerable children to re-engage and access all the support available to make a successful transition to their next phase

Transition Leads Contact Details

TWT Schools

School Name Senior Leader responsible for Transition Head of Year 7 SENDCo/person responsible for enhanced transition
West Exe Nicky Lewis Nicky Lewis

Jessica Baker

Isca Ali Moxey Henry Goldson

Jodie Carter

St. Luke’s Amy Grashoff

Oonagh Balue

Maria Eyre

St. James Steffi Morby

Steffi Morby

Tamar Busby