Zoo-per Zoologists!!

Although  it was a wet and rainy start, Year 2 had an amazing time at Paignton Zoo! When we arrived, we realised that the weather had put most other people off and we had the entire complex to ourselves! The children were able to see many of the animals. The giraffes were out in force, munching on their juicy branches and the elephant was leaning, cross-legged on the fence, eating hay.

The children all attended an ‘Adaptations Workshop’, where they learned how certain animals were suited to living in their habitats. They found this very interesting and were able to ask questions and feel animal skins, shells and bones!


We romped through Crocodile Swamp, swung through Monkey Heights and swayed through the blowy grasslands. All in all, a fantastic day. A huge THANK YOU to all the parent helpers who made the day run smoothly and added to the fun!

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