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Our Trust of Schools

Our Approach

We are an ambitious and inclusive trust of schools. Our mission is to transform lives and strengthen communities to make the world a better place. We are proud to serve communities across Exeter, Plymouth, Mid and East Devon where our schools are based.

We believe in the power of local schools working together to be the best they can be and want everyone to have the opportunity to go to their local school and receive an excellent education.

As a Trust we know that what works for children in a nursery in Plymouth is going to be very different to what works for a sixth former in mid Devon and therefore we strongly believe in supporting our leaders (your headteachers) to lead in their local context – and this is what really enables excellence.

As a collective working with all our Headteachers and Trust Leaders, we have agreed some key principles that underpin everything we do, and we have shared these below:

Every Child Succeeds

Our key concept for Every Child Succeeds is underpinned by an inclusion model based on the work of Bronfenbrenner and on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. Our model is based on safe and connected children learning successfully in a classroom environment. 


Children are at the heart of all we do at the Ted Wragg Trust and our schools are always looking at ways we can ensure children across our schools are safe, connected and successful. You might have noticed in your school that your child is able to access free breakfast every day; that your child completed a Language Link screening in Reception or Year 7 to identify any speech and language needs; that your school uniform adheres to low cost principles with minimal logo items; or that there is a broad and accessible range of educational enrichment activities. Each of these decisions will have been made looking through the lens of safe, connected and successful.

In addition to the support for Speech and Language available, to those who need it, from our Speech and Language Team, we work with the Multi Agency Support Team (MAST) who provide Educational Psychology support across all of our family of schools.


Our key concept for Education is based on Daniel Willingham’s learning model which uses the concept of working memory and long-term memory. This is embedded and understood by all teaching staff across our family of schools – and will be used to underpin approaches to lessons and homework.

Our investment in coaching for all our teachers working with Steplab allows all of our teachers to use deliberate practice to hone their craft – we apply the work of Willingham when setting learning goals through fortnightly responsive coaching so we can continue to improve.