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Data Protection

Ted Wragg Trust uses Zivver sending confidential and sensitive information securely

Ted Wragg Trust now sends confidential and sensitive emails via Zivver, instead of Egress. This way, we can guarantee that encrypted emails are sent using the latest security and that no one but you can read the contents of the email.


How can you access a securely sent message?

Have you receive a secure email from Ted Wragg Trust? If so, you can open this message by clicking the blue link that says ‘Click for message’. When you do, the secure Zivver environment will automatically open. To access the message, you need to insert an access code or an SMS code. Instructions on how someone without a Zivver account receives and reads a message can be found here.


Opening a message with an access code

You have received a secure message. The person sending you this message wants to be certain that only you can read it. That is why the sender has given you an access code by phone, a different email address, in person or a messaging platform such as Microsoft Teams or Google Meet.  Click ‘Click for message’ and insert this access code. You can now read the message. Haven’t received an access code? If so, contact the sender.


Opening a message with an SMS code

You have received a message that is secured with an SMS code. The person sending you this message wants to be certain that only you can read it. Click ‘Click for message’ and then click ‘Send SMS’. Insert the code that you have received on your phone to access the email.


Want to respond to an email that was sent via Zivver?

You read the message that was sent via Zivver on a secure web page. If you want to respond to the message, you can do so on this page. Click ‘Reply’. You can type your message in the editor window. You can also add attachments if needed using the ‘Add attachments’ (paper clip) button. Click ‘Send’ to send your reply. When the recipient of your message responds, you will receive another notification message.


Inform us of changes in your email address and phone number!

It is very important that you immediately inform us of changes in your email address or mobile phone number. That way, we can keep communicating securely with you. Please inform your contact within Ted Wragg Trust when such changes occur.


More about Zivver

Zivver allows you to send emails and exchange files securely. Zivver encrypts messages with sensitive content, such as personal data, files, reports, or other information you want to send securely. If you send a message via Zivver, it is guaranteed to be safe. This means that no one but the sender and the recipient have access to the message. Not even hackers. Additionally, Zivver uses smart technologies to prevent users from sending sensitive information to the wrong recipient.



Do you have questions about an email you received? Can’t you open the received message? Or do you have questions about Zivver? If so, please contact Zivver via: Want to read more, click this link.