The Ted Wragg Trust was established in 2010 with the aim of creating an outstanding educational experience for all of Exeter’s children no matter what their background or aptitudes.

I joined the Trust in 2010, as Headteacher of St James School, because I could see the incredible educational benefits of working with our two lead Trust partners, Exeter College and the University of Exeter.  I was privileged to later become the Chief Executive Officer in 2015.

We have since grown from a 1 school Trust to an 11 school Multi-Academy Trust and will be responsible for the education of over 7500 children aged between 2-18 in September 2020.

Our academies are driven by an absolute determination to improve life chances for every child and they are identified by values driven inspirational leadership and rich and inclusive learning experiences.

We are incredibly proud of the impact our Multi-Academy Trust has had and since joining the Trust all of our schools have identified significant improvements in terms of Ofsted, progress, attainment and attendance.   More and more of our students are achieving their very best and making aspirational life choices, which is allowing them to flourish in a whole range of contexts.

I feel extremely privileged to be the Chief Executive Officer of this values driven, child centred Multi-Academy Trust.

Moira Marder, Chief Executive Officer