Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan

Our Trust

The Ted Wragg Trust delivers an ambitious learning culture. It has a track record of improving the most challenging schools and the ability to transform lives through learning through its strong leadership and pupil centric learning and social initiatives.

We are proud of our schools and through our growth our focus has always and will continue to be to:

  • Ensuring pupils have better life chances through the power of education
  • Keep true to our values by working to transform struggling schools
  • To maintain our reputation for excellent school improvement
  • To expect and deliver high standards in the classroom
  • To work collaboratively across the region to deliver better outcomes for all pupils
  • To maintain a professional and expert central function providing support to our schools and across the wider community
  • To growing transformational leaders at all levels of the organisation
  • To instil relentless drive, optimism and positivity

Our Vision

  • When the level of challenge is high
    • Our aspirations for our pupils are higher
  • We believe in collaboration not isolation
    • Solutions come from us collectively not individually
  • We are aligned in our leadership
    • We are all jointly responsible for the success of our pupils