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Our Trust of Schools

Celebrating Excellence: Ted Wragg Trust Cup for Football and Netball

A Bright Future for Ted Wragg Trust Sports

We continue to provide exceptional opportunities for young athletes, fostering talent and promoting excellence across various sports. Celebrating through competing for the prestigious Trust Football & Netball Cup. See below the exciting reports of this years competitions. 

We look forward to many more exciting competitions and achievements in the future. Thank you to all participants, coaches, and partners for making these events memorable and inspiring for our young sports stars.

Ted Wragg 1st Team Football Cup Final: ISCA vs. Westexe

The inaugural Ted Wragg 1st Team Football Cup Final was held at Exeter City FC’s Cliff Hill Training Ground on Wednesday 19th June. This knockout competition allows schools to field their top players, aiming to inspire young athletes to strive for excellence and represent their school’s 1st team.

From the outset, ISCA implemented a solid game plan, securing an early lead. Despite West Exe's determined defence, they found themselves trailing 3-0 by mid-first half. A tactical adjustment from West Exe sparked a comeback, narrowing the score to 3-2 as the second half began.

Both teams showcased impressive possession-based football, creating numerous chances. However, it was ISCA that found the net next, sealing their victory with a final score of 4-2. Both teams represented their schools admirably, and for the Year 11 players, it was a memorable farewell as they prepare for their future endeavours.

A special thanks to Exeter City FC and their Academy for providing the fantastic venue. The Ted Wragg Trust is grateful for their collaboration, offering elite coaching to our most talented footballers through the Ted Wragg Football Academy.

Ted Wragg Football Academy vs. Exeter City Academy: A Showcase of Talent

On Thursday, June 6th, under sunny skies, the Ted Wragg Trust Football Academy faced a younger Exeter City Academy team. This match, held at Exeter City’s Cliff Hill Training Ground, served as both a test and a reward for the players' hard work throughout the year. Representing six Ted Wragg Trust schools—ISCA, Sidmouth, St James, St Luke’s, Torbridge, and West Exe—the team performed admirably in their first competitive game together, leading at half-time but eventually falling 7-5.

The players' efforts were commendable, providing them with first-hand experience of the high standards required for Academy football. This collaboration with Exeter City Academy, ranked the No.1 Category 3 Academy in the country, offers the best training and development opportunities for our young footballers, some of whom may go on to achieve professional careers at the highest levels.

Ted Wragg 1st Team Netball Cup: ISCA vs. St Luke’s

The inaugural Ted Wragg 1st Team Netball Cup concluded on Tuesday, June 18th, with a thrilling final between ISCA and St Luke’s. This knockout competition allows schools to field their top netball players, fostering competitive spirit and excellence.

The final was a testament to the talent within the Trust, with both teams displaying exceptional skill and sportsmanship. After a closely contested match, with the lead changing several times, ISCA emerged victorious with a score of 25-22.