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Our Trust of Schools

Ted Wragg Awards

We are excited to bring you the Ted Wragg Awards 

After the phenomenal success of our 2023 Awards, we're starting to think about what our 2024 celebrations will look like. 

This celebration event for students, staff, governors and trustees of the Ted Wragg Trust, is a chance to recognize and reward the outstanding efforts of our communities. 

It is an opportunity to celebrate the incredible impact across our family of schools and honor those who go above and beyond to make the world a better place. 

Stay tuned for more details on how you can nominate deserving individuals and teams for the Ted Wragg Awards.

You can find out more about our 2023 inaugural awards here.

Student of the year Award                  

This award honours school students who have made an outstanding contribution to the success and vitality of their school and the wider community.

Teacher of the year Award                           

This award celebrates inspirational and engaging teachers who consistently deliver outstanding outcomes for all students, support other members of staff and make a significant contribution to their school.

Co-Professional of the year Award                                                      

This award celebrates the co-professionals who help the organisation to transform lives, such as teaching assistants, pastoral, business support and site staff. The award seeks to recognise an individual who goes the extra mile on a day-to-day basis and plays an essential role in supporting the mission of the school or the Ted Wragg Trust.


Student Teamwork Award

This award recognises an inspirational team of students that demonstrate exceptional teamwork where all team members demonstrate high levels of collaborative skills in being positive, humble and hard working for the benefit of their team. 

Staff Teamwork Award                                         

This award recognises teams/departments that demonstrate exceptional teamwork by showing passion and creativity to enhance the quality of provision offered by the department, school or the organisation as a whole.

Inspirational Leader Award                             

This award celebrates leaders with exceptional leadership qualities who have made an outstanding contribution to people beyond their immediate department or team.

Student Community Leadership Award 

This award recognises an individual or group of students who have shown outsanding commitment to community service or fundraising, and who spend a significant amount of their free time helping others or raising money for charities, campaigns or community groups, both in and outside of school.

Unsung Hero of the year Award                

This award celebrates the colleague, governor or other volunteer who works tirelessly behind the scenes and makes a significant and ongoing contribution to their organisation or community, without seeking recognition or reward.

Strengthening Communities Award

This award recognises schools that have made a difference to others, either through volunteering, fundraising, supporting local causes and/or its contribution to a community hub.